Pop 101 – Pop Music Lesson Plans for Elementary


Use A Popular Song To Teach The Characteristics of Pop Music

This lesson pack is inspired by Marianas Trench’s 2014 hit single, “Pop 101”. It uses many musical devices mentioned in the lyrics of the song to explore the characteristics of the pop music genre.

The four lessons are:

1) What is pop music?

2) Music genre comparison

3) Pop song scavenger hunt

4) Wrap-Up

Because of copyright restrictions the actual recording and lyrics cannot be provided in this lesson plan, however they are easily found on the web:



Song with Lyrics:


Note: It is up to you to determine what is appropriate content for your classroom. The lyrics to this song contains the words “shots” and “hell” (once each). The context is not offensive. We do NOT recommend using the actual music video for this song as it contains some visual material that is not school appropriate.