Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans Ontario Curriculum – Whole Year Bundle


Grade 2 Rhythm Activities for September - Beat vs Rhythm Back to School Music

Ostinato Lesson Plan Grade 2 for October - Rhythm - Ostinato and Composition

Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans for November - Pitch - Melody High Do Melodic Ostinato

Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans for December/January - Pitch - Pentatonic C Major Scale

Dynamics Lesson Plan Grade 2 - Crescendo & Decrescendo

Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans for March - Expression - Staccato & Legato

Timbre Lesson Plans for Grade 2 - April - Instrument Families and Tone Colours

Grade 2 Music - Melody & Bordun Accompaniment Lesson Plan - Lesson Plans for May - Texture

Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans for June - Form - AB form Verse Chorus

Grade 2 Music Lesson Plans for the FULL YEAR

If you’re teaching grade 2 music in Ontario and you’re NOT a specialist, this is the only resource you need. A full year bundle complete with lesson plans, worksheets, presentation files, sound clips and teacher explanations. So easy a sub can do it – but such high quality you’ll be proud to teach it yourself.


  • September – Beat vs Rhythm
  • October – Rhythm Ostinato & Composition
  • November – Pitch & Melody, High Do, Melodic Ostinato
  • Dec/Jan – Pentatonic C Major Scale Pitch & Melody
  • February – Dynamics, Crescendo & Decrescendo
  • March – Expression, Legato & Staccato
  • April – Timbre, Instrument Families, Tone Colour
  • May – Texture, Melody & Accompaniment
  • June – AB Form, Verse & Chorus

Note: Lesson plans are lightly themed for each month but can easily be used “off-time” as they do not contain any holiday-themed materials. The plans are designed to be sequential from month to month.

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