Grade 1 Music – Beat & Rhythm – Music Interactive Notebook Worksheets



Teaching Grade 1 Music? Try these easy to use Beat & Rhythm worksheets

So easy a sub can do it! Teach all the fundamental concepts for duration (beat, rhythm, time signatures) from the Ontario curriculum with this interactive notebook activity for Grade 1 music.

This versatile set of interactive notebook music worksheets can be used as a station in your music center, a whole-class activity, or a do-at-home activity during school closures.

When I use these activities in my classroom, I use it as one of the stations in my music centers so that their notebook can be taken with them to the centers and used as a reference.

All text in the activities is written with a traceable font so that students will be able to complete the work correctly even with limited reading/writing ability.

*UPDATE* – Now includes both North American (quarter note, eighth note) and European (crochet, quaver) terminology.

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