Music Teacher Resources: How To Teach Elementary Music Without A Music Degree

Most music teacher resources are written by specialists, and designed for other specialists to use. But if you’re not a trained music teacher, these programs are intimidating and difficult to understand.

It IS possible to teach a quality music program – even without any formal training. All you need are resources that break down the concepts in a way that both you – and your students! – can easily follow.

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Elementary students love learning about different instruments! Whether you’re teaching in person, hybrid, or online, here are some great resources for teaching timbre and the instruments families of the orchestra. If you’re planning a teaching unit on the instrument families, be sure to bookmark this page for quick access to all the links and ideas! […]

Black History Month Music Lessons: Louis Armstrong & Scatting Looking for some quick Black History Month music lessons for your classes? Here’s a quick jazz music lesson based on Louis Armstrong and scatting. Introduction to Louis Armstrong Teaching Points: Links: Introduction to Scatting Scatting Teaching Points: Scatting Links: Music Lesson Plans for Black History Month […]

Although any subject is difficult to teach online, teaching music online has to be one of the most difficult. When so many of the curriculum expectations require not only interaction but also performance, having students on the other side of a screen can seem like an impossible hurdle. Tips for Teaching Music Online Focus on […]

Teaching intervals such as step, skip leap and repeat is an essential step in helping students to learn to read music fluently. When students are able to recognize steps skips and leaps in musical notation, it is much easier for them to predict what the music will sound like as well as be able to […]

Those last few music classes before the holiday break can be difficult – kids are feeling distracted and excited, it’s not a great time to introduce new concepts, and you need something that can engage your kiddos while hopefully addressing at least a few curriculum expectations. Here are some Christmas music activity ideas I’ve used […]

Looking for elementary Christmas concert themes for your school? Here are some ideas for Christmas concert themes that are simple to put together, yet are interesting and original. Click here if you’re looking for Christmas Concert Song ideas for your class, rather than the whole school. Why choose Christmas concert themes? When you don’t choose a theme […]

Looking for Halloween music lessons and activities? The month of October is an excellent time to include some Halloween fun into your music lesson plans. Here are some music suggestions and activity ideas to help with your lesson planning. Halloween Music Listening There are lots of Halloween themed pop hits (I’m sure you don’t need […]

Trying to teach the Ontario Music Curriculum without the right tools? The Ontario Music Curriculum is an ambitious document that sets a high standard for teaching music in Ontario. But how do you teach it? Unfortunately, this standard is out of reach when the vast majority of teachers do not have the training or musical […]

Looking for music texture lesson plan ideas? Music texture in the primary grades is all about training students’ ears to hear the different layers of sound, and to start to develop skills like part singing. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started with your lesson plans, even if you’re not a music […]

Teaching the elements of music and looking for worksheets? Doodle-style notes are all the rage in science and math, but doodling notes are actually a natural choice for music classes as well – especially when you’re hoping to make music theory worksheets a little more interesting. What are doodle-style notes? Doodle-style notes are structured worksheets […]