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The problem with performing arts in the public school system is that very often the teachers who are being asked to teach music, drama, and dance do not have the training or the resources to do so properly.

You don’t have to be a specialist to teach the performing arts effectively. Even if you don’t have a background or training in drama, dance, or music – with a desire to learn and the right resources, you can improve the quality of your lessons and bring performing arts to life for your students.

As an arts specialist and a avid musical theatre performer, I created Stageworthy to help teachers teach high quality music, dance and drama units without having to spend a huge amount of time that they don’t have.

Stageworthy worksheets and unit plans allow teachers to learn performing arts skills right alongside their students. By using easy to understand lesson plans and discussion guides, you’ll find yourself sounding like a real arts expert!

Stageworthy can help you teach the arts effectively – even if you aren’t a specialist. Click here to download some free resources to help.

Kris Widy

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