I want to introduce Buffy simply by daring you to listen to this song without bopping your head along. Seriously – every class I have ever played this song for IMMEDIATELY asks me to play it again as soon as it finishes. The music itself is enough to grab you – but the fact that […]

Black History Month Music Lessons: Ella Fitzgerald Looking for some quick Black History Month music lessons for your classes? Here are some free resources for teaching a music lesson all about Ella Fitzgerald. Introduction to Ella Fitzgerald Teaching Points: Links: Introduction to Scatting Scatting Teaching Points: Scatting Links: Introduction to Scatting and Sampling How Ella […]

Dance lesson plans for elementary students that work – even if your kids hate dancing In many elementary classes, dance can unfortunately become one of those “throw away” subjects. Teachers are so bogged down with literacy & numeracy, board initiatives and other things that when it comes to the arts we are unfortunately often left […]